Bob Proctor – Tell him what you want and he will show you how to get it


Bob Proctor is a phenomenal guy, personally he is my favourite personal development guru.

He was one of  the stars in “The Secret”.

He has been teaching people how to be successful since 1961…i’ll do the math for you, it’s 42 years.

You don’t stay in business this long if you don’t deliver fantastic results.

In this video he shows us how to use our higher faculties so that we can reach our desires faster.



John Assaraf – The Life Coach

Full link at:

John Assaraf was in the movie “The Secret”, a documentary about how to use the law of attraction.

In this video, presented by a company called “Mindmovies” (which help people visualize in a more effective way), John Assaraf goes through the steps and the practices that he takes everyday to accomplish his goals.