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It would cost you several thousands dollars to have a session with Brendon, and you are getting in here ALL FOR FREE.

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Easy Positive Mindset Exercise – Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is considered the “grandfather” of personal development.

We all like things that are easy to do. But unfortunately when we actually come across something that is easy we undervalue it, because it seems too easy, even though we were looking for something easy in the first place.

In this video Brian Tracy presents a couple of positive affirmations to repeat during the day.

As silly as it may seem, positive self talk is powerful.

“Whatever you believe with feeling, becomes your reality”  – Brian Tracy



The Right Communication To Convert More Prospects Into More Customers

First of all do you know your customers?

If your answer is yes, you could talk for 10 minutes about describing your typical customer.

If you are wondering how to articulate your answer, than the answer is probably no.

If so, no problem. We are here to solve this together, step by step.

Knowing your customers or prospects is essential, because it’s the starting point of your marketing and your communication.

Better Communication = Better Marketing = Higher Sales.

Unfortunately some businesses, set their communication on “sales mode” right from the beginning.

Meaning that if you read between the lines, their communication seems to say “Buy my product! Buy my product! I am the best! Look here and click here! Please!”.

Not a good way to start.

It’s like meeting an attractive woman in the street and say “ You are so beautiful! I really like you! Can I take you out on a date? We’ll get to know each other! I’m a good guy. I promise!”.

While this could actually work logically in a man’s mind, in the real word her response could be quite disappointing.

“Oh thank you, you are so sweet but sorry I have a boyfriend”.

Customers kind of act the same way. Men and women.

Selling “too much – too soon” is counterproductive. It creates “buyer’s resistance” instead of a natural rapport that leads to trust and mutual understanding.

Being on “sales mode” too soon does not pay in both human interactions and business.

Your prospects need to feel that you KNOW them first, that you really understand them, that they can trust you, that they can try something first with no risk.

How can you do that effectively and not be on “sales mode” too fast?


We go back to our initial question. Who are your customers? Are they mostly men or mostly women? What age range? Do they use the internet or they prefer traditional channels?

Most importantly, try to understand them in a deeper way than anybody else does.

Put yourself in their shoes.

If you would be them, what would you need? What would be your frustrations? Your fears? Your desires? What would be your biggest challenge? What outcome would you want?

When they know that you understand them, it is easier to communicate how your product or service can fulfill their inner emotions, and help them achieve the outcome that they desire.

The easiest way to find out these important issues is either by asking them or by remembering how you felt when (if) you were in their shoes.

Communicate with your prospects!

By mail, by phone or in person, observe them, be around them, listen to what terms they use when they talk, pay attention to what “language” they speak and then use it to communicate with them.

Use THEIR language, not yours.

If you could have a conversation with a prospect for 10 minutes to find out more about him/her and you could ask “WHY” at the end of every answer you would receive, you would soon realize that at we are all moved by the same things.


At the root of everything we do there’s always an EMOTION.

Humans are 80% emotion and 20 % logic.

People buy products and services to FEEL a certain way.

2 examples:

Example 1.

Let’s think about someone buying a smartphone.

It is just about buying a cellphone?

Probably not. It is also about the FEELING of being modern, futuristic, FEELING the enthusiasm and curiosity of discovering new apps. FEELING relaxed and safe because of all the features and the internet connection.

If you get lost somewhere, you are never lost with the maps you can find on the internet. The FEELING and the frustration that you felt when you had to find a new street or the fear and the anxiety to get lost, will never touch you again. In some countries a smartphone is also a sign of status.

We rarely just buy something for what is it. We buy also an emotional pleasure attached to it that make us FEEL a certain way.

And if you can communicate that you can understand the EMOTION at the root of their desire to your prospects you’ll definitely convert more of them into more customers.

Example 2.

Now let’s think about a weight loss program.

Most of weight loss programs sell way too fast their main feature and they come off as “boring – same as everything else on the market – and not easy to trust”.

“Use this fat burner and you’ll lose 25 pounds in 3 months. 100% money back guaranteed”.

Would you trust this product? Do you FEEL like the company that advertise it understands what you are going through and what you really want? Do you feel a connection? Do you FEEL that they understand what’s the EMOTION at the root of your motivation?

Would you buy this product?

Probably not.

But if I you would change the communication into something like:

“In my experience I tried many different diets. It was so difficult and frustrating. Most of them didn’t really work, others actually were ok and I lost some weight in the beginning, but then I got back to the same weight as before, sometimes I even gained weight.

It felt terrible.

Have you ever felt that frustration?

When you put so much effort on something and you get zero results?

I felt like giving up, maybe I had to start accepting the fact that I would have to deal with my overweight for the rest of my life.

All I wanted was to lose those 25 extra pounds I gained in the past 10 years, Being back in shape would make me feel much more confident about myself and eventually I could find a good guy and build a family. That’s really important for me. I want kids. I wanna be a mom.

How would you feel if your extra weight would be in the way of creating a family and your long term happiness?

How would you feel if your present results would be the same for the next 10 years?

Fortunately there’s a way to solve this.

3 months ago I tried this new natural product, I was a bit skeptical about it but …”

Do you see the difference? Did you FEEL a deeper connection? If you were a woman in her position, would you FEEL like you could relate to this? Did you FEEL understood as a human being?

Which type of communication do you think would get more results?

This type of communication is “softer”, is more indirect, is more human. Most of ads subtly communicate that they don’t sincerely care about you, that you are just a number and that they want to make money out of you. That’s all. They seem to not care about creating a connection with the customer at all.

If you are a woman and you are reading this. Who would you give more attention to: a man who gives you the impression that is just talking to you to get something out of it? Or someone that makes the effort to create a real connection with you and that is sincerely interested in you as a person?

You guess the answer. Big difference right?

The same thing happens in the business world.

People want to feel understood. And there are very few people out there that are willing to put an extra effort to understand people instead of trying to sell them something.

If you can be one of those people who can relate with your prospects you can place yourself out of the crowd and start making some serious changes in your business results.

Feeling understood will make people connect with you, trust you and ultimately buy from you.

Your life experience can be great to communicate to your prospects but I recommend that you be 100% honest and ethical about this. Making up stuff is just the demonstration that you need to find more effective ways to market your products or services.

And if you don’t have a personal life experience that allows you to communicate to your customers in a deeper way, I highly recommend you ask someone that has been through the experience you want to talk about.

I think it’s pretty clear at this point that if you plan your communication and marketing around your prospect’s emotions, sales will automatically increase.

In the end it is not about selling something.

It’s about connecting with a human being on a deeper level and present him a solution to a problem he/she was already looking for. So that the sales, takes care of itself, in a natural way. No pushing, no sales tricks.

Did you feel I was selling you something in the weight loss example?

I don’t think so. I was telling you a real life story and I was 100% honest about it, because I talked with many women with this issue and I know how they feel.

If it’s not your story, you can use someone else’s.

You can write something like:

“My friend Lisa has been struggling with her weight for a long time, I was talking to her the other day and she told that she tried so many diets and it was so difficult…”

Selling a product or a service is not about trying to sell something and hope people will buy it. It’s about understanding your prospects emotions, communicate that you know how they feel and present a way to solve their issues thanks to your product or service at a reasonable price.

Are you serious about your business and you want to take immediate action?

You can start now, by listing your customer’s:

1. Fears

2. Frustrations

3. Desired Outcomes

Are you thinking that this makes sense and it’s interesting…but that you will do it tomorrow.

Guess what…chances are that you’ll probably not do it tomorrow. Maybe next year. You know what I’m talking about right?

Don’t beat yourself up about it, it’s normal, it’s human.

“The more personal, the more universal”.

That means that the more you feel your emotion is just something about you, the more is actually felt from anybody else. You may feel a little less secial now that you know this but it’s great to communicate to other people on a deeper level.

We’ll talk about this in another topic but for now, if you want to start, try and FEEL what that person is going through. List the FEELINGS he/she is going through.

And then send your prospects list an e-mail asking those questions.

–  “Do you feel constantly frustrated because you….”

–  “Are you afraid that…. will be in your way of your long term happiness?”

–  “How would you feel if you could solve this today?” Etc…

And then tell your story.

Finally, at the end of your e-mail present your product/service or a link to it.

Feel free to share this information on your social networks and contacts.

Sharing is Caring.


Alberto Dassi – Marketing and Communication Manager – Connature

If you feel you would benefit from a personal consultancy on this topic you can mail me at:

Did you know about this superpower?

It was back in 2009.

I was in China at the time, for my MBA exchange program in Guangzhou. One of the most polluted cities in the world, where the air smells like industrial heavy metals mixed with stinky tofoo combined together.

Not good.

The sky looks like a blurry grey acid cloud ready to explode into a hurricane any time and I don’t think I have seen the stars for months but if you enjoy clubbing you may find some of the sexiest woman you could ever find.


Unfortunately my two flat mates where one hotter than the other.

I know, life is hard sometimes.

Let’s call them “C” and “J”.

“C” was a lovely tall brunette French/Asian from Lyon, “J” a pretty Scandinavian blonde from Helsinki.

I gotta say that it’s kinda hard to resist a “curvy-blue eyed-blonde-22 years old Scandinavian” that goes around the house in lingerie all the time. Plus…why resisting?

I hope you can feel my pain.

Did I get your attention now?

I hope so, cause there’s some important things to talk about!

So let’s talk about something serious then.

I have something which I believe is very important to share.

What if today you will find out you have a “superpower” you didn’t know about?

The information you will find below comes from Dr. Emoto, a Japanese scientist that has been doing several experiments on positive thinking.

He wanted to test if our thoughts can have an impact on our bodies and on matter. Since we are made of 80% by water, he tested the effect of positive and negative thoughts on water and on cooked rice.

His experiments became very famous and anyone can try them.

Let’s go back to China for a second.

Where I lived in Guangzhou, rice was sold at almost every corner, so it would have been quite easy to try Emoto’s experiment.

I asked myself one of those magical questions.

“Why not?”

I bought some cooked rice from the restaurant down the street and I started Emoto’s experiment.

Emoto claimed that if you expose a bowl of cooked rice to negative thoughts for a month the rice would become black but if you expose it to positive thoughts the rice would remain white.


That means that our thoughts can change the matter.


I didn’t fully understand but it sounded interesting.

All I had to do was to get some rice. The little 8 years old inside of me was pushing to be curious again!

Thank god I’m not a cat, I would have got killed by my curiosity definitely more than 7 times by now!

So this is what I did:

I got some rice and I put it into 2 transparent glasses. Every day for 5 seconds I said something positive to one glass and something negative to the other glass. Pretty simple.

The final results though, were incredible.

Honestly, I felt quite funny in the beginning when I “talked” to the rice. I didn’t understand at the time. How could the rice “understand” what I was saying?

The truth is that the rice could not “understand” what I was saying but it’s molecules reacted to the electromagnetic activity of my brain.

My thoughts were changing the molecular structure of the rice.


Did I lose you? I understand this is not easy to grasp at first but please stay with me for the next 2 minutes. It’s worth it. I promise.

So, how can that be?

Whenever we think, our brain sends out electromagnetic waves in the air. When our brain waves hit any of the matter, this changes its molecular structure.

Different thoughts and words have different electromagnetic waves which can be measured on a frequency.

The first ten days I “talked” to the rice, apparently nothing happened, I was about to stop the experiment until I grabbed the “negative glass” and found out that at the bottom that the rice was becoming black.

I was shocked.

So I kept going and at the end of the 3 weeks, the rice in the “negative” glass was almost all black, in the “positive” glass instead the rice was all white.

It worked!

I know that these info may seem a little abstract if you hear it for the first time but science knows this from a long time, it just hasn’t been shared mainstream.

One important thing to take from this is that our thoughts have a real, measurable impact on matter.

“Thoughts are Things” use to say Napoleon Hill in his 30 million copies bestseller “Think and Grow Rich”. A step by step guide on how to become rich by applying these principles.

These have been known since thousands of years inside secret societies and freemasonry.

Freemasons such ad Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, George Washington and Thomas Edison knew very well this valuable knowledge. But this was kept within the few.

Most religions knew this too, indirect references to the power of the mind can be found in many parts of the bible but the exact knowledge and its applications were not “highlighted” when communicating with the masses.

After all it’s a lot easier to control 7 billion people when you make them believe they have no power.

“There’s not many stones out there with 7 billion slaves” says one the bad guys when aliens land on Earth in Transformers 3.

True that.

And there’s nothing worse than a prison when you don’t know you’re in one.

An invisible prison for your mind, where very few people have access to powerful knowledge about our own true nature and what we are capable of, while the rest works for them and doesn’t even know it…20-30-40 years of mortgage to buy a house with money that doesn’t exist. Except on a computer screen.

It may be though to accept but slavery never ended, it just changed from chains to debt and interests. But the “Lords” are always the same. The same family blood lines behind banks since thousands of years.

The result?

96% of wealth is controlled by 1% of population.

Do you think that’s an accident?

Most people think that the only things that exists are those that we can see. How arrogant can humans be at times.

After all, do you see things like the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cell phone waves and Microwaves?

They exist though.

There are some people, very few, that know that there are also some natural waves (frequencies) and principles that they can use for their own benefit.

It’s time to wake up and get out of sleepy/slave mode.

The movie “The Matrix” was more than just a movie. It contained many deeper messages.

But now what ?

How can this info be valuable for me in the real world?

What’s some practical way to apply this knowledge?

Well, how about turning a “damaged” or ill part of your body back to an healthy state for example, with some focused positive thinking? Making the “black” molecules becoming “white” again.

Or a million other things. Like, let’s say, using the power of your mind to become rich.

Thanks to “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, which wrote this book after Andrew Carnegie tossed him “The Secret” to success.

Think of it like you just discovered electricity. Even though, at first, you may not know all you can do with it, there are so many things you can use it for.

If you are interested you will look for them and find them. Internet is a great resource.

If not, I wish you a nice long sleep.

”I can only show you the door” says the Oracle to Neo.

The first step in my opinion is to realize that these “things” exist. The easiest way to see it is the rice experiment.

So if you are a curious and open minded person and want to try it, here’s a final sum up:

  1. Cook or buy some cooked rice.
  2. Put the rice into two transparent plastic or glass containers. A normal glass is fine, just remember to cover it. The rice may smell after some days.
  3. Place the two glasses one meter apart from each other, in a dry place, that is not exposed to sunlight, TV sounds, computers or radios. For example underneath your bed.
  4. Grab the positive glass container say something positive for 5 seconds, like: love, peace, harmony, friendship, freedom etc…then put the glass back.
  5. Grab the negative glass, say something negative for 5 seconds, like: war, depression, guilt, fear, negativity etc…
  6. Repeat for the next 3-4 weeks.

That’s all.

If you tried the experiment, you can put your photos here. They are very welcomed.

Feel free to comment or ask any question. If you are a “Lord” please don’t kill me. Thanks.

Dedicated to “J”, even though she doesn’t believe a thing of what I wrote…yet.

Alberto Dassi

Meeting Dr. Emoto and presenting him the experiment made in China.

Rule # 1 – Taking Responsibility


In the world we are living today, there is a solution or a chance to make things better almost in every area of our lives.

The Internet makes self-improvement cheap and easier than ever before.

For any area we are facing a frustrating dissatisfaction, whether it’s loosing weight or becoming financially independent, there are plenty of tools and information that can help us achieve our goals.

Let me spend 2 minutes on an example about loosing weight:

I have been a Herbalife distributor for the past year and I know for a fact now that if you want to lose weight Herbalife can do miracles. It really can.

It’s easy, relatively cheap and incredibly effective. I have seen people loosing 10, 20 and 40 kg in a relatively short period of time. Then keeping that weight and living a better life.

I have also seen people using the same products and say “It doesn’t work” and sometimes “I actually gained weight!”.

Both scenarios are impossible. Because, in few words, Herbalife weight loss programs consist in taking 2 shakes per day instead of consuming 2 regular meals. The 3rd meal is “free” (you can basically eat whatever you want).

These shakes contain high nutrients in it (vitamins, proteins, minerals, fibers etc…) and are about 200 calories each. That means that for 2 meals a day instead of taking an average of 500 calories for a typical meal, you take only 200 per meal.

Math is not an opinion. 200 calories are less than what you would take with a regular meal, so fewer calories in and you lose weight. You burn more calories than those you intake. While still having all the nutrients you need to stay healthy.Is that simple.

So how come some people don’t lose weight or even gain weight then?

Because they don’t follow the program, they eat more then they are supposed to and they DON’T TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. They blame their temporary failure on someone else or something outside of themselves, by making up excuses.

But it’s ok.

I understand these people, I am on their side. We are not here to judge. We are here to speak about it, share some useful resources and eventually make things better.

Some people are going through some really hard times in their lives, some are really stressed, some others may struggle a mental fight before every meal. They wish they would eat less, but it seems there is something stronger than their will that wins over. They feel terrible about it. I feel your pain!

Unfortunately, creating a story inside our minds trying to convince ourselves that it’s not our fault, it is not healthy.

I am 100% convinced that it is FUNDAMENTAL to realize that TAKING RESPONSIBILITY gives us power back.

Power to choose better options, power to make incredible changes.

When we are responsible for something, we have the power to change it. If we blame it on something outside of our circle, we lose the chance to have an effect of whatever we are dealing with.

When dealing with weight loss, I heard people saying things like “It’s the society. Everything is so fast, you just eat whatever you can, there’s so many things to do”.

I agree that we live in a fast paced world, but it’s not society that force us to eat certain foods. We decide what to eat. We are responsible for that. No excuses.

If a person thinks that it’s society’s fault, how are they gonna make a change over something they perceive they can’t control?

Making some changes may be hard in certain cases, but it’s possible for everyone, in any area.

I think that shifting our thinking to “I decide what food to eat and when, I have 100% control over what I decide to eat, therefore I am 100% responsible for my eating habits and my weight”.

On a side note I would like to add that all of our actions are determined by what’s inside our subconscious.

When a habit is so deeply instilled in our subconscious it takes some great work to change it. But it’s absolutely possible, Bob Proctor is a great teacher in this area. I highly recommend you check out his material. He has been on “The Secret” and he is an incredible person and he shares so many valuable information, it’s really life changing. (

Shifts in paradigms create incredible changes in our results (I will talk about this, in detail, in a later post).

The “weight loss” example can be applied to other areas of our lives such as business and relationships.

Where we trick ourselves into thinking that we have no control over our business or our personal relationships, we lose.

We always have control, we can always make things better. All the tools and information in the world are out there! It all can be found on the internet and usually is relatively cheap…if not free in most cases. A lot of very valuable material in fact, is sent through free newsletters multiple times per week, by gurus in every topic you may be interested in. Free ebooks, webinars, seminars, bonus material etc…it’s all available to you.

To conclude, I know that most of  us wish that our situation would be different, our background would be different, maybe our age would be different, they country we live in would be different…but accepting our situation as it is, even if doesn’t feel fair to us, it’s an amazing starting point. Acting like a victim does not pay much. Taking responsibility and starting to change things does.

So let me share some of my favourites people in the world. I think that if you are not familiar with these names it would be great to check out their material.

If I were in your shoes, I would go to these sites and sign up to their free newsletters. I say it because I did!

Ready to stop feeling frustrated and make some real change? So here we go!

Gurus for enhancing your dating and personal relationship life:

Christian Carter:  (for women)

Women do yourself a big favor and go to this site, he is so incredible. He can understand and communicate to women in a way that I have never seen before. You will understand so many things about men and about yourself, it will make your dating life so much better. Finding the right guy and having a fulfilling relationship it will be much easier!—

David DeAngelo: (for men)

Men of all ages, same thing as i just said to women, please listen to me. Do yourself the biggest favor of your life, go to this site, and seriously your dating life will be so much better. More women, more dates, more fun, more fulfillment. If you ever struggled with women or hated them because the ones you liked saw you just as a friend, or you went on expensive awkward dates with women who never answered back, or you just didn’t figure out why the hell women are attracted to the “bad guy” and don’t understand that if they would be with You they would so much happier! This guy is for you. I saw my dating life and the ones whom I shared this material with…skyrocket in a matter of months. Understanding women better, will make your life so much easier and more enjoyable. David DeAngelo is the man!

Gurus to start making more money:

Eben Pagan:

Bob Proctor:

Dan Kennedy:

Brian Tracy:

Anthony Robbins:

Gurus to start being more healthy:

Alexander Lloyd:

Gurus to experience a deeper spirituality:

Gregg Braden:

David Icke:

In this post I named just a few. There’s many, many more.

If we are ready to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY we can make any area of our life better.

I hope this helped You. At least, now you have some resources where you can put your hands on for free, and you can start making some changes right away.

If you feel like commenting or sharing it will always be very appreciated!

“Change is inevitable but personal growth is a choice”.

Is there any area where you can start taking more responsibility today?
How would that affect your results in the future?

Alberto Dassi