Bob Proctor – Tell him what you want and he will show you how to get it


Bob Proctor is a phenomenal guy, personally he is my favourite personal development guru.

He was one of  the stars in “The Secret”.

He has been teaching people how to be successful since 1961…i’ll do the math for you, it’s 42 years.

You don’t stay in business this long if you don’t deliver fantastic results.

In this video he shows us how to use our higher faculties so that we can reach our desires faster.



John Assaraf – The Life Coach

Full link at:

John Assaraf was in the movie “The Secret”, a documentary about how to use the law of attraction.

In this video, presented by a company called “Mindmovies” (which help people visualize in a more effective way), John Assaraf goes through the steps and the practices that he takes everyday to accomplish his goals.

Are you leaving your friends behind?

1174 friends.

That’s the last time I checked how many friends I have on facebook.


So how come, 90% of the times when I want to take a walk on a Sunday afternoon I am just by myself?

I enjoy being around people probably as much as you do. But after college, even though I understand that life changes, I wished I would still have a rich social life.

Enjoying life is no ordinary skill but I see too many people mixing the concept of becoming older, with “not having fun anymore”.

I like people and I like going out, I like partying and I like sports, I enjoy photography and spirituality and a thousand other things but, unfortunately, I see too many people around me getting older way to soon.

Actually, let me re-phrase that: I see too many people that consider themselves old way too soon.

There’s a lot of 25-30 and 40 years old out there thinking they are way too old for anything.

(After a dinner) “There is this really cool club near here, who would like to come?”

The answer are usually always the same:

“Still clubbing?” (I’m 29 years old not 92.)

“Well you know, tomorrow I have to wake up early…(what is everybody doing on a sunday afternoon at 7 am these days???)”

“You wanna go dancing? I’m not in college anymore man…” (Are the two things even connected?)

“I’m kinda tired…you know…” (22 years old at 11 pm?)

Lack of social skills, mediocrity in the way we treat each other, lazyness, selfishness and ignorance are (in my opinion) the viruses that are taking down this planet.

Nowadays we have iphones, ipads, flat screen tvs, wireless internet connection and a ton of other “stuff” but….


I’m not so sure.

Yes we live a more confortable life and I would love that medical device to save my life if I need it but it seems that the goal of “human progress” has led towards comfort rather than overall happiness.

And since happiness has a lot to do with the way we treat each other, it seems non sense that we spend so much time on learning math and other subjects in school instead of how to treat each other.

“How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie, a master piece of “humanity 101” and the 2nd best seller of all time just after the Bible. This book thought me more than 10 years of school.

Can you imagine if the goal of human activities would be overall happiness instead of comfort and profit, what the world would be?

But let’s go back to “friendship”.

If I could have 3 wishes, I already now what one would be. The ability to keep all my friends from the past.

Too many people, and when I say “too many” I mean 95% of the people, leave most friendships behind as easily as they throw garbage outside of their house.

You may not agree for a variaty of reasons. If you do so, try to answer this:

“When was the last time you talked with your best friend from middle school?”

“And your 3 best friends from high school?”

“How about your ex or your first love?”

Long time?

The worse thing about this is that people seem to not care about it that much and just accept this behavior as a part of life. Is it? Or is just a way to hide behind our indifference and mediocrity?

I always try to bring back ex classmates together, invite people from my ex soccer teams to watch games together and so on.

9 out of 10 times it doesn’t work.

It seems like I have to push people to “still have some fun”.

Over the years I developed my own cheesy catch phrase that I use to end conversations with old friends too caught up on “mummy mode”:

“That’s ok, I don’t wanna push anybody over the bridge of happiness…maybe next time”.

You may be thinking. “Have you ever thought that maybe it’s you, maybe you’re not that nice”.

Asking these questions is healthy, mature and I think we should do it more often.

I did ask myself the question but the answer that makes more sense to me is that people is lazy and often times afraid to see an “old friend” because most of the times they don’t know how to handle the situation emotionally, they feel a sense of discomfort, they are not to proud of the life they have, the car they use or their position at work.

You know what? I absoultey understand that and even though I am a human being and by default I am designed to judge things, people and situations (cause of survival) I try not to judge, instead I focus on “understanding” and making the person in front of me feel good about themself.

Life is quite complicated on this planet and most people don’t live the life the want but the life that “happend”.

Don’t mean to be to harsh but same goes with relationships. Most people are together with whom was “romantically available” at a certain time, more than their ideal partner.

And you know what? I understand that too.

It seems so hard to find a decent human being with which we can relate to, that when we find one, we get attached to her/him like glue because it seems like a miracle that won’t ever happen again.

And we are so afraid to loose that person and remain alone again that we compromise on our dreams, rationalize it and accept a decent tolerable relationship rather than wait for the “right one”.

“People rather be unhappy than uncertain”.

I feel your pain. I know it’s not easy.

But let’s go back to the main topic, which is “Friendship”. Because all of the above is no excuse to not keep in touch with old friends and have a more socially fullfilling life.

With that said, there are cultures which are more inclined to be “social” like Americans, Canadians, Spanish, Brazilians vs French, Italians, Scandinavians and ex Jugoslavians (in my personal experience).

Enough of pointing out and complaining though. I tryed to organize dinners, facebook groups, sport gathers and various activities but there’s always the same 4-5 showing up, if they are….how about the other 150 that could enjoy us and have a good time?

Should we just let go most of our “old friends” and accept it? Should we let go one of the most valuable assets in our existence?

Because, I would rather let go the iphone, the flatscreen tv and the internet.

Cheers to old and new friends.

The Best People In The World


Introducing TheBestPeopleInTheWorld

What is this site about?

This site is made for “the best people in the world” which have amazing things to share. People that have a deep message to share. Something that comes from the Heart and that can inspiring to others.

After living in 4 continents and meeting people from many different countries, I realized that unfortunately it’s very hard to see the best part of a person. There is a treasure of greatness and knowledge that we keep hidden to most poeple, while we display only a superficial part of ourselves.

In here, you have permission to shine!

This is how you do it:

1. Load your 15 minutes video on YouTube

2. Copy the YouTube link of your video

3. Send it to , on the subject write “MY MESSAGE – VIDEO”

4. I will post the link you send me, on this site under the “Your Message” section.

One little advice, if I may:

In the video, say something you really FEEL.

Forget about pleasing others by saying something you think they may like to hear from you. Forget about what others could say. You would be surprised to see how many peoeple will appreciate your message and be inspired by your words!

Let your Heart speak.

“This is great! But what should I say in the video, exactly?”

Anything you feel it’s best thing you can share. You can tell us about your story, someone else’s story, a particular experience that can help others.

If instead you know something in particular that yout think it’s incredible and it’s worth sharing, post it on “Your Best Share”.

This can be a video, a document, a link or any file.

The World wants to hear your voice and we really want to hear your message!

Leave your mark and speak from the Heart. This is YOUR space.

Alberto Dassi

Rule # 1 – Taking Responsibility


In the world we are living today, there is a solution or a chance to make things better almost in every area of our lives.

The Internet makes self-improvement cheap and easier than ever before.

For any area we are facing a frustrating dissatisfaction, whether it’s loosing weight or becoming financially independent, there are plenty of tools and information that can help us achieve our goals.

Let me spend 2 minutes on an example about loosing weight:

I have been a Herbalife distributor for the past year and I know for a fact now that if you want to lose weight Herbalife can do miracles. It really can.

It’s easy, relatively cheap and incredibly effective. I have seen people loosing 10, 20 and 40 kg in a relatively short period of time. Then keeping that weight and living a better life.

I have also seen people using the same products and say “It doesn’t work” and sometimes “I actually gained weight!”.

Both scenarios are impossible. Because, in few words, Herbalife weight loss programs consist in taking 2 shakes per day instead of consuming 2 regular meals. The 3rd meal is “free” (you can basically eat whatever you want).

These shakes contain high nutrients in it (vitamins, proteins, minerals, fibers etc…) and are about 200 calories each. That means that for 2 meals a day instead of taking an average of 500 calories for a typical meal, you take only 200 per meal.

Math is not an opinion. 200 calories are less than what you would take with a regular meal, so fewer calories in and you lose weight. You burn more calories than those you intake. While still having all the nutrients you need to stay healthy.Is that simple.

So how come some people don’t lose weight or even gain weight then?

Because they don’t follow the program, they eat more then they are supposed to and they DON’T TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. They blame their temporary failure on someone else or something outside of themselves, by making up excuses.

But it’s ok.

I understand these people, I am on their side. We are not here to judge. We are here to speak about it, share some useful resources and eventually make things better.

Some people are going through some really hard times in their lives, some are really stressed, some others may struggle a mental fight before every meal. They wish they would eat less, but it seems there is something stronger than their will that wins over. They feel terrible about it. I feel your pain!

Unfortunately, creating a story inside our minds trying to convince ourselves that it’s not our fault, it is not healthy.

I am 100% convinced that it is FUNDAMENTAL to realize that TAKING RESPONSIBILITY gives us power back.

Power to choose better options, power to make incredible changes.

When we are responsible for something, we have the power to change it. If we blame it on something outside of our circle, we lose the chance to have an effect of whatever we are dealing with.

When dealing with weight loss, I heard people saying things like “It’s the society. Everything is so fast, you just eat whatever you can, there’s so many things to do”.

I agree that we live in a fast paced world, but it’s not society that force us to eat certain foods. We decide what to eat. We are responsible for that. No excuses.

If a person thinks that it’s society’s fault, how are they gonna make a change over something they perceive they can’t control?

Making some changes may be hard in certain cases, but it’s possible for everyone, in any area.

I think that shifting our thinking to “I decide what food to eat and when, I have 100% control over what I decide to eat, therefore I am 100% responsible for my eating habits and my weight”.

On a side note I would like to add that all of our actions are determined by what’s inside our subconscious.

When a habit is so deeply instilled in our subconscious it takes some great work to change it. But it’s absolutely possible, Bob Proctor is a great teacher in this area. I highly recommend you check out his material. He has been on “The Secret” and he is an incredible person and he shares so many valuable information, it’s really life changing. (

Shifts in paradigms create incredible changes in our results (I will talk about this, in detail, in a later post).

The “weight loss” example can be applied to other areas of our lives such as business and relationships.

Where we trick ourselves into thinking that we have no control over our business or our personal relationships, we lose.

We always have control, we can always make things better. All the tools and information in the world are out there! It all can be found on the internet and usually is relatively cheap…if not free in most cases. A lot of very valuable material in fact, is sent through free newsletters multiple times per week, by gurus in every topic you may be interested in. Free ebooks, webinars, seminars, bonus material etc…it’s all available to you.

To conclude, I know that most of  us wish that our situation would be different, our background would be different, maybe our age would be different, they country we live in would be different…but accepting our situation as it is, even if doesn’t feel fair to us, it’s an amazing starting point. Acting like a victim does not pay much. Taking responsibility and starting to change things does.

So let me share some of my favourites people in the world. I think that if you are not familiar with these names it would be great to check out their material.

If I were in your shoes, I would go to these sites and sign up to their free newsletters. I say it because I did!

Ready to stop feeling frustrated and make some real change? So here we go!

Gurus for enhancing your dating and personal relationship life:

Christian Carter:  (for women)

Women do yourself a big favor and go to this site, he is so incredible. He can understand and communicate to women in a way that I have never seen before. You will understand so many things about men and about yourself, it will make your dating life so much better. Finding the right guy and having a fulfilling relationship it will be much easier!—

David DeAngelo: (for men)

Men of all ages, same thing as i just said to women, please listen to me. Do yourself the biggest favor of your life, go to this site, and seriously your dating life will be so much better. More women, more dates, more fun, more fulfillment. If you ever struggled with women or hated them because the ones you liked saw you just as a friend, or you went on expensive awkward dates with women who never answered back, or you just didn’t figure out why the hell women are attracted to the “bad guy” and don’t understand that if they would be with You they would so much happier! This guy is for you. I saw my dating life and the ones whom I shared this material with…skyrocket in a matter of months. Understanding women better, will make your life so much easier and more enjoyable. David DeAngelo is the man!

Gurus to start making more money:

Eben Pagan:

Bob Proctor:

Dan Kennedy:

Brian Tracy:

Anthony Robbins:

Gurus to start being more healthy:

Alexander Lloyd:

Gurus to experience a deeper spirituality:

Gregg Braden:

David Icke:

In this post I named just a few. There’s many, many more.

If we are ready to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY we can make any area of our life better.

I hope this helped You. At least, now you have some resources where you can put your hands on for free, and you can start making some changes right away.

If you feel like commenting or sharing it will always be very appreciated!

“Change is inevitable but personal growth is a choice”.

Is there any area where you can start taking more responsibility today?
How would that affect your results in the future?

Alberto Dassi