The Best People In The World


Introducing TheBestPeopleInTheWorld

What is this site about?

This site is made for “the best people in the world” which have amazing things to share. People that have a deep message to share. Something that comes from the Heart and that can inspiring to others.

After living in 4 continents and meeting people from many different countries, I realized that unfortunately it’s very hard to see the best part of a person. There is a treasure of greatness and knowledge that we keep hidden to most poeple, while we display only a superficial part of ourselves.

In here, you have permission to shine!

This is how you do it:

1. Load your 15 minutes video on YouTube

2. Copy the YouTube link of your video

3. Send it to , on the subject write “MY MESSAGE – VIDEO”

4. I will post the link you send me, on this site under the “Your Message” section.

One little advice, if I may:

In the video, say something you really FEEL.

Forget about pleasing others by saying something you think they may like to hear from you. Forget about what others could say. You would be surprised to see how many peoeple will appreciate your message and be inspired by your words!

Let your Heart speak.

“This is great! But what should I say in the video, exactly?”

Anything you feel it’s best thing you can share. You can tell us about your story, someone else’s story, a particular experience that can help others.

If instead you know something in particular that yout think it’s incredible and it’s worth sharing, post it on “Your Best Share”.

This can be a video, a document, a link or any file.

The World wants to hear your voice and we really want to hear your message!

Leave your mark and speak from the Heart. This is YOUR space.

Alberto Dassi


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